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Home-grown EDA company provides innovative tools

March 24, 2007

Bangalore-based Softjin Technologies is an electronic design automation (EDA) company providing unique EDA solutions for the semiconductor industry. According to Kamal Aggarwal, VP-Marketing and Strategy, the company’s core-capability lies in developing innovative EDA tools for specific requirements of customers, such as semiconductor companies and other EDA product companies.

Softjin’s business model is a “hybrid” model, which is a mix of services and products. It also provides FPGA based system design services and design methodology services for customers.

Softjin’s current products are licensable EDA building blocks that can be used as part of proving an EDA solution to customers in post-layout and logic synthesis technology area within EDA.

Post the announcement of India’s historic semicon policy, Softjin expects to see more investments happening in the semiconductor manufacturing space. As the policy provides incentives for setting up semiconductor manufacturing units above a certain size, Aggarwal expects to see more big-ticket announcements emerging in near future.

Watch the Indian semicon space, guys, as the action heats up…

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