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Bangalore not cowed down by serial blasts, ISA Excite a success

July 25, 2008

Friends, I am really pained to report that Bangalore has been rocked by eight-nine serial blasts of low intensity today! As per the TV channels, there have been two deaths and several people injured. This is extremely unfortunate!

Countrymen and women, please join me in condemning this dastardly act of the serial blasts in Bangalore today.

I would also like to add a message sent to me by a good friend, Xavier, which says: Bangalore, don’t be cowed down!

This is a small gesture that goes out to send the right signal to those who are keen to take away our freedom, our right to live peacefully for whatever their ideology is!

“Let our thoughts and prayers be with the near and dear ones of those killed and injured in these blasts.”

Those who indulge in such activities are cowards. While such acts are meant to create panic, Bangalore has stood firm! Yes, people across the city, in various offices and other establishments, left home early, more so as a precautionary measure, telephone lines were jammed for some time, and there were the usual traffic jams — largely due to the rains. However, there has been little panic. Yes, there may have been panic in the affected areas for some hours post the blasts.

In fact, I wasn’t even aware of the blasts as I was attending a wonderful event on semiconductors — the ISA Excite — with a colleague, Ravinder, at Leela Palace. We only learned of the blasts on reaching office! Interestingly, there were little signs of panic on the roads as we were driving back to the office! Well, I’ve had quite a few phone calls and messages, thereafter! Am sure, it’s been the same for nearly everyone in the city.

The country has gone on high alert since the blasts, as these can actually happen anywhere! However, India is a strong country, made up of very strong-minded people. Such acts of cowardice will not stop the normal pace of life. At best, normal life could be disrupted for a few hours.

Of course, a lot needs to be done to secure the IT capital of India, and possibly the world. It is hoped that the security agencies in India would do everything within their capability to ensure that such acts are not repeated. The damage could have been far greater, and some even wonder, whether there is some sort of a hidden message behind today’s serial blasts.

Going back to the ISA Excite event, organized by the India Semiconductor Association, it was really heartening to learn that the Karnataka state will soon have its own semiconductor policy. I will be blogging more on this later tonight or tomorrow.

I’d also like to mention that the ISA Excite event was a very strong indication that the Indian semiconductor industry is very healthy and doing well, although, we may not yet have a wafer IC fab, and there are infrastructure challenges to mount.

Nearly everyone from the Indian semiconductor fraternity was present at the show. I am sure, several people heard about the blasts, and expressed their disgust at the happenings. However, the show went on! When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It was a message from the Indian semiconductor industry that even in tough times, it will move forward.

The show must always go on! And successfully!

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