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Google vs. Cuil? Really?

July 30, 2008

Cuil, the new search engine apparently launched by some very brilliant and highly accomplished ex Googlers is now making the headlines!

However, I don’t think it is a case of Google vs. Cuil, as the title of this blog says. First, for me, as a user, it gives me an additional choice as far as search engines are concerned. Two, Cuil has recently started. Therefore, it would be incorrect to rank it alongside either Google or even Yahoo, as far as search results are concerned. I am sure Cuil will grow and evolve over time, so let’s keep it that way.

What I like about Google is the plain looking home page with the search box! Cuil is along similar lines. The search page is a plain (black page) with a nice box in the center! The letters are grey, with the i of cuil in blue, apparently indicating Internet search… maybe! This is just my guess!

Nevertheless, the search results are not so detailed as yet, as in Google, or maybe, the safe search does not throw up so many results. Or, maybe, my choice of search words are not that interesting. Having said that, I do like the look of Cuil!

What I did find out a little while back is that if I searched for my name within quotes, Cuil shows some results. However, when I remove the quotes, during the same search session, I kept getting a message that no results were available. Strange!

Then, I went back to the Cuil home page, and retyped. This time it throws up lot of results! Maybe, Cuil can take note of this point and enhance the search better.

I also typed semicon blogs as a search. Hey, Cuil threw up more results! I will try some more searches later. What’s key for every search engine is the relevance of the results that they throw up.

Another thing with Cuil is that it gives you options like getting search results in two or three columns. This one, personally, I didn’t quite like. Maybe, it will take some time for me to get used to it. I am especially so used to Yahoo and Google, and the long lists of results they display on one page. So, maybe, I am biased.

Besides, I am waiting for Cuil to offer similar services like Google, or even Yahoo, including email. Till then, I don’t think it is wise to say this is now going to be Google vs. Cuil! Cuil has just started and needs time to grow!

As a user, I am particularly thrilled with an additional search option. Hope to get better results from Cuil (pronounced COOL, i think), and I am looking forward to an email service, or a page like My Yahoo or iGoogle on Cuil as well.

Also, both Yahoo and Google have so many other options and sites like Yahoo 360, Orkut, etc. Or even Blogger, a platform used by so many folks like me for putting down their thoughts — like this post! Maybe, Cuil will have some or more of these things too, in future, including a chat agent like Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger.

Till then, enjoy Cuil! Cuil needs time to settle down and start functioning on similar or better lines before there are such talks of Google vs. Cuil or Cuil vs. Yahoo and the likes.

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