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Fellow bloggers, add traffic using Widgetbox Blog Network!

September 19, 2008

I’ve been a user of Widgetbox for quite some time now, and two of my widgets there are doing alright! So, when I came across this story on PR Newswire about the Widgetbox Blog Network, it presented me with yet another opportunity to try and reach out to a wider audience.

Of course, I am well aware that I mostly blog about semiconductors, and that this topic does not have a very large audience, nor does it rank high on popularity! Well, no problem!

Widgetbox, by the way, is said to be the world’s first and largest widget community. It does offer a wide range of excellent widgets, which are essentially, floating pieces of the Internet. You embed the code of the widget (or gadget) on to your site or blog, and that’s it!

Coming back to Widgetbox’s Blog Network, it is said to be a federation of bloggers and online content publishers that fosters connections across the Widgetbox network through 29 vertical channels. The new channels instantly extend reach, drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and expose blogs to new readers.

Since I’ve been a Widgetbox member for some time, all I had to do is sign in, and click on the link adding me to the Blog Network. Users or members can browse the channels in the Widgetbox network and see the latest content from its community of leading bloggers and publishers.

The range of channels is quite extensive. It covers things like Art, Education, Food, Home & Design, Music, Politics, Television, Women, Autos, Family, GLBT, Humor, Parenting, Sports, Travel, Business, Fashion & Style, Green, Men, Pets, Tech Gadgets, Video, Celebrity, Finance & Investing, Health, Movies, Photos, Tech News and Video Games.

My blidget is registered under Tech News, and it also shows up a network blidget on my blog — linking to other blogs displaying tech news — which is good! Being a writer, widgets make my life much more easier. All of these widgets allow me to access all the tech news from all over the world, which I want to see, based on my own preferences.

I cannot really comment whether this new blog network will generate traffic, so I’d like to wait and watch. However, as a writer, it has always been my endeavor to write quality content, largely on semiconductors and telecom — two of my most favorite subjects! I am also aware that semiconductors is not so popular as a traffic, and will only have a limited audience. Writing about semicon and maintaining a semicon blog is not easy, and won’t be easy at any point of time!

However, all of that does not bother me! Even if a handful of friends from the global semiconductor, and telecom, industries like what I write or blog about, the effort is worth it!

To all fellow bloggers, there’s absolutely no harm in trying out the Widgetbox Blog Network, folks. Best of luck, and happy blogging everyone!

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