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Saluting Mumbaikars and Indians — we rock, despite cowardly, terrorist acts

November 27, 2008

Fellow Indians, it is really tragic to see the unfortunate events happening in Mumbai live on TV. Very thankfully, all of those that I know are safe and sound in the city. Salute to all of those brave Indians who laid down their lives in the line of fire, and to those innocents who lost their lives in this cowardly act.

India and Mumbai will not be overwhelmed by these events! We are a proud, strong and resilient bunch of people.

There are forums on the Web, such as Facebook — ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ and on eCademy, there’s a forum where emails have been literally pouring in. Am sure, there are several fellow bloggers posting live stuff on the happenings in Mumbai.

The terrorist act was meant to destabilize the Indian financial system, if you may, or even the hospitality and travel industries, and the IT/hi-tech industries. Yes, those carrying out these acts may have succeeded in the very near short-term.

Yes, the situation is much better than before. However, the gun battles rage, and it is soon going to be a full 24 hours since the terror attacks started — actually, in another 25 mins from now.

All Indians and Mumbaikars stand united. We will not allow such acts to overwhelm us. There are critical hostage situations that still need to be dealt with first. The presence of security personnel has been very comforting.

I was very pleasantly delighted to receive an invitation today from the India Semiconductor Association (ISA) for its forthcoming Vision Summit in early 2009. The theme of this summit is aptly titled “India: Gateway to Future Markets.”

Yes, indeed! There is the famous Gateway of India in Mumbai, right in front of the Taj Hotel. That’s where most visitors go — to soak in the breathtaking view. It is literally the gateway to India’s financial capital, which is Mumbai

The ISA Vision Summit is also the gateway to future markets in India! There are so many of those Indian product design companies, who are ruling the roost globally! Not to forget, the very strong Indian line-up within the Indian semiconductor and embedded design industry. Solar/photovoltaic is also coming up in a big way, and there will be lot of interest in the potential of renewable energy in India.

Get the message?

You can also see many articles from captains of the Indian industry pointing out how this attack will only have a very short-term impact on India. There may be small breaks in activities with minimal effect, but it will not stop India Inc. from marching forward, despite these cowardly, terrorist attacks.

India is strong and rocking! And beautiful!! Proud to be an Indian!!!

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