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Intel’s retail POS kiosk provides unique shopping experience

January 30, 2009

Imagine walking around a retail store, when you come across a retail POS kiosk, which suddenly springs into life with your image! It also shows you a welcome message, even as you are probably checking out of the store, swiping your credit/debit card on the machine/kiosk, or merely going around the store, browsing stuff!

The POS system then goes on to show you either various alternatives of items for you to choose, either based on your previous shopping experience, or also apprise you of the many new offerings and other great discounts available within the store!

How does this POS system do all of this? Well, there is probably a Star Customer card possibly kept inside your handbag or pocket, which has been provided to you by the store that you have been frequenting so often. As you come in line with this POS system, its in-built sensor reads your customer card and springs into life, and action!

Find this kind of a shopping experience hard to believe? Well, all of this can now be possible, and now in India itself, thanks to Intel’s retail point-of-sale (POS) proof-of-concept system. Intel recently unveiled an energy-efficient retail POS proof-of-concept system, which promises to do these, and much more!

According to Sanat Rao, Marketing Director, Emerging Markets, Embedded Computing Division (ECG), Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd, this retail POS proof-of-concept system exhibits the latest in digital signage and POS technology in a kiosk form-factor.

This system demonstrates how technology can enhance the retail shopping experience by including customer preferences, real-time inventory access etc. It also demonstrates how the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a retail store can be lowered by using energy-efficient devices. Rao added that the reference design is available for India customers as well.

Need for retail POS
The need is obvious! Legacy POS systems are basically fixed-function devices that are primarily used for billing and retail. These also lack the intelligence about the user preferences.

Besides, the new retail POS system will use significant less power and energy, as compared to the legacy POS system.

Benefits for retail
Elegant and refined, the retail POS adapts and integrates into the retail environment, enabling personalized customer service and an engaging sales experience. Its built in security enables secure transactions as well as additional insurance against theft. The adaptable, eco friendly and modular system boasts of the following benefits:

Reconfigurable system: Configurable as a POS, Kiosk or combination.
Modular design: Swap out components for easy maintenance.
Power savings mode: POS instantly wakes up displaying signage.
Targeted promotions: Unit displays targeted promotions via digital signage. Utilizes prior shopping history with video analytics.
Cross-selling: A sales associate can up sell with related product inventory, promotions, and/or customer reviews.
Interactive product explorations: Customer can explore merchandise, view promotions, read customer reviews, etc.
Remote manageability: eliminates expensive maintenance trips & helps reduce TCO.

The retail POS system uses Intel’s Core 2 Duo 45nm processor with vPro technology. This enables larger CPU Cache (6 MB), enables 70 percent reduction in power, and doubles the amount of raw processing power, and uses next-generation graphics.

The vPro technology enables supporting remote management and diagnostics as well as remote software upgrades and security. Devices can be turned off, as and when required.

India opportunity
Intel’s retail POS system can be used by both organized retail (aka modern retail) as well as the high-frequency retail. For modern retailers, this can be an opportunity to provide a unique shopping experience to customers. Besides, there will be cost-savings through energy efficiency and remote management.

For the high-frequency retail shops, they can expect a trickle-down from the organized sector. Also, they stand to benefit from energy savings and customer preferences. That’s the power of embedded computing folks!

  1. Nova
    October 14, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Very good articles that PoS system provides unique shopping experience. Basically, PoS system is a fixed function device that is used for billing and retail.

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