Future Horizons signs me as its India affiliate!

December 2, 2009

Recently, Future Horizons signed me up as its India affiliate. It is indeed, an honor to be an affiliate for any leading research and consulting house, and I am grateful that Malcolm Penn, chairman and CEO, thought that I would fit the bill.

I have known Malcolm for several years now. Although I know making any forecast is really tricky stuff, and nine times out of ten, one is bound to go wrong, owing to market conditions and other unforeseen happenings, I’d still stick my head out and say — hey forecasters, you do a great job!

Even I’ve asked Malcolm several times as to whether Future Horizons would be revising its forecasts. And yes, it has, it does and will probably continue to do so in the future. That’s the nature of the global semiconductor industry!

There is a lot of semicon related activity going on in India, besides solar/PV. Just take a look at some of my recent  posts on embedded, some of the initiatives undertaken by the ISA to promote the Indian industry overseas — particularly, in the UK and Japan.

With so much new activity in India, am sure that a lot of Future Horizons’ publications, its well known International Electronics Forum (IEF) and the Start Up Service will appeal to this market. I am new, rather a greenhorn, and will seek the industry’s guidance and support in playing my role as a Future Horizons’ affiliate. And no, I won’t be writing anything for Future Horizons. Of course, I will continue my posts on the global semiconductor industry forecasts with Malcolm, as I do with several others — here, on my blog.

Personally, I’d love to see an international semiconductor conference hosted in India. Am tired of hearing friends overseas telling me: Hey, there’s this big show being held in the USA or Taipei. Are you attending?

Incidentally, I was very pleased to be able to attend SEMI India’s Solarcon 2009 last month in Hyderabad — a truly global event with a galaxy of international speakers. So, I turned around and asked my friends — hey, why aren’t you attending?

I hope Malcolm can some day bring IEF to India, with the help of the India Semiconductor Association. It will really act as a major boost for the Indian semiconductor industry.

On another note
Today, it is exactly a year since my blog and I won Electronicsweekly.com’s World Title for the Best Blog in the Electronics Hardware category in Dec. 2008! Alun Williams from Electronicsweekly.com recently told me: “There is no EW blog awards this year, by the way. We’ll do it bi-annually, so you get to keep your crown for another year!” Thanks to Alun and Electronicsweekly.com.

Thanks for all of your kind support, dear readers, friends and well wishers, who have cared to stop by my blog now and then. Some of you also leave comments from time to time. I personally don’t know most of you who leave comments, but many thanks to all of you for doing so.  Hope that you continue to find my blog and my work useful.

If there’s something missing in my blog, do understand that I have several constraints, and also do not have access to lot of companies, regions, shows, etc., as I’m merely a blogger. Nor am I part of any large media house! Nor am I any authority on semiconductors, solar or telecom, and so on and so forth!

If, at any stage, I am forced to stop writing, or otherwise, this blog belongs to all of you!

Have a merry X’mas and a very Happy New Year, lest I forget to wish everyone. 🙂 Best wishes and good night!

  1. Rao
    December 3, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Congrats Pradeep on the new assignment and also for getting to keep the crown for another year.

    Do keep blogging and it is all the more important now than ever as you are in the middle of interesting trends happening in India. The day we stop blogging is the day when we stopped adding value to ourselves and as you would agree its the freedom of expression and speech that matters the most.

    Even the heads of GE, J&J, have moved into corporate blogging and most of the Fortune 500 sees this is the way to go.

    Hope to see your blog climb up the Alexa rankings fast!

    Wishing you the best,


  2. Pradeep Chakraborty
    December 3, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Thanks Rao… BTW, I’ve never bothered about Alexa or any other rankings… just write on what’s close to my heart! Take care 🙂

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