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Round-up 2009: Best of electronics, telecom and technology

December 29, 2009

Friends, as we near the end of 2009 — a tumultuous year indeed, by all counts — it is time to take a look at what was the best and the worst during the year in electronics, telecom and technology! Presenting my list of top posts for the year — from these three industry segments.


Farnell looking to convert 3,500 prospects this year in India!

AqTronics-Mouser eye growth opportunities for components distribution in India!

Can Indian companies build $50 netbooks for Indian consumers?

What WHDI 1.0 can do for consumer electronics!

Has India done enough in the past to boost electronics hardware manufacturing?


Top 10 technology predictions for 2009: Deloitte

Get ready for Webdesign International Festival (WIF) 2010!

Pretty ordinary bloggers survey leaves several unanswered questions!

SAP World Tour ‘09: Heralding a “Clear Enterprise”

Top 5 high growth markets driving (semicon?) recovery, and top 10 hot and emerging technology platforms

Top trends in cyber crimes you need to watch out for!


D-day’s here for TD-SCDMA! Take a bow!!

Top 10 telecom predictions for 2009: Deloitte

Telecom enhances globalization in every possible way!

Top 10 telecom trends for 2009 — more of the same!

Aquilonis helps you sync critical data on real time basis

Top 10 telecom predictions for 2010!

Yes, I know I may have missed some posts, which you felt were good enough. In that case, do let me know.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2010!

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