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India to miss NSM target? No, it’s likely a mistake (in reporting)!

March 18, 2010

Today was yet another momentous day in the history of India’s solar industry with the formation of the Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI) in New Delhi. While I wasn’t able to attend this event personally, the agency was kind enough to share the release and photograph.
Solar Thermal Federation of India launch in New Delhi, India.

The Solar Thermal Federation of India launch in New Delhi, India.

K. Subramanya, CEO, Tata-BP Solar will be the chairman of STFI, while Hemant Revankar, managing director, Bipin Engineers will be the vice-chairman. Jaideep Malaviya, an industry veteran with two decades of experience will steer the federation as its full time president. Senior executives of major players in the industry will play an active role in STFI in various capacities.

Keen to learn more, I searched the Internet and was stunned to find a couple of websites showing the story headline — India to miss solar mission target, says body! And even, Govt. to miss target under solar mission: STFI

I simply could not believe my eyes! How can an industry body, which is being formed today, come up with such a grand statement? Something has to be wrong somewhere. Is it a case of misreporting or perhaps, using a headline that’ll get more eyeballs? I really don’t know!

Here are three references that I found on the Internet. These are all very prestigious portals.


Now, I have had the pleasure of meeting K. Subramanya, CEO, Tata-BP Solar. I got into a conversation with him, seeking clarification on how the government of India will be missing the NSM target!

Here’s what K. Subramanya said: “It is a wrong inference by the press. And I had no contribution on this. There was a slide shown on the dias, an extract from an MNRE website. But there was no issue at all! It is simply a bad and negative pick up and attitude of press in India. Missing the moment and spirit of the occasion. A sad commentary.”

I asked him what steps can be taken by STFI to promote solar thermal products such as solar water heaters and cookers in the country. He added that it would include some suggestions as well as awareness building, bank finance, promotion and publicity by the manufacturers.

According to the release, players in India who control over 75 percent of the market have come together to float the STFI to expand solar water heating usage, and promote applications beyond that as well. Subramanya said that as of now, solar water heating is the only subject in focus.

On the subject of STFI working on setting up a talent pool in the country, he said that members would be deliberating among themselves to take this forward.

I hope to have further discussions with STFI on its agenda sometime later. In the meantime, congrats and welcome to this industry body.

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