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Growing Indian power electronics market provides host of opportunities

In case you are an enterprenuer, or an aspiring one, in electronics and wish to invest or manufacture in the sector, but don’t know where to go, here’s a welcome relief — in form of a report on the power electronics sector in India.

The India Power Electronics Market Report – 2010
has been developed by Dhaval Dalal and Ram Kumar, on behalf of Innovatech Switching Power India Pvt Ltd in Bangalore, India. I was delighted on being contacted by Ram Kumar, MD, who was kind enough to share some bits of this report.

The unprecedented growth in the Indian electronics demand (estimated at $50 billion for 2009), has spawned a corresponding spurt in the domestic power electronics industry. While this growth has been acknowledged in industry circles, no specific data exist to understand this phenomenon – this report aims to fulfill this gap.

The report highlights the peculiarities of Indian industry by identifying unique areas of growth which require special attention from industry participants. It also highlights the gap between the domestic demand and supply which is currently fulfilled by imports. Conversely, areas where the Indian industry contributes to the global demand by exporting products/services are also highlighted.

Coming from technology/strategic marketing background and with an unmatched access to the decision makers and trendsetters in Indian electronics industry, the authors are able to provide a highly credible and comprehensive account of the market that goes well beyond the surface data and helps identify actionable agenda for the reader.

So, here’s an opportunity for folks to enter the Indian power electronics segment, which offers a host of opportunities.

Some excerpts from the report are reproduced here. Read more…

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