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Is there a case for polysilicon manufacturing in India?

Lanco Solar's Alok Nigam at Solarcon India 2010.

Lanco Solar's Alok Nigam speaking at Solarcon India 2010 in Hyderabad.

Friends, is there a case for polysilicon manufacturing in India? Would like to hear from you!

This post is based on a discussion at Solarcon India 2010 on polysilicon manufacturing in India by Alok Nigam of Lanco Solar.

The case!
According to Nigam, there is considerable polysilicon market potential in India. The inevitable dependance on other Asian countries in the absence of any sort of domestic capacity will only worsen the balance of payments (BoP) situation.

Upstream integration will help derisk business. Even in the absence of policy (JN-NSM) support, the impact on system cost will be marginal.

Now, as per the current manufacturing trends, polysilicon production remains concentrated with the top six players holding 70-80 percent of market share and new, large players emerging in China.

Technology has also enabled cost improvements across value chains — such as increasing furnace/reactor size, use of diamond wire for slicing, efficiency gain in cells, economy of scale in modules, etc. More incremental capacity is said to be coming up in Asia, which includes players such as SunPower, MEMC, First Solar, etc. Read more…

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