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Is this a war of tablets, or Apple OS vs. Google Android?

September 3, 2010

The iPad; Courtesy: Apple

The iPad; Courtesy: Apple

So, the Apple iPad has some serious competitors, or so, it seems! From Korea and Japan, especially, in form of first, Samsung and now, Toshiba. Well, it has a competitor from India too!

Samsung's Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab

First, Samsung announced its Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet at the ongoing IFA 2010 in Berlin. Very soon, Toshiba followed with its Folio 100 Android tablet, also at the IFA.

There’s a news on the Web about yet another Samsung tabllet, titled Honeycomb, which should be coming soon.
Viewsonic, reports Gizmodo, is showing two tablets at the IFA — the ViewPad 100, a 10-inch model that dual boots Windows Home Premium 7 and Android 1.6, and the ViewPad 7 running on Android 2.2.

OlivePad - VT100, India’s first 3.5G Pad.

The OlivePad - VT100, India’s first 3.5G Pad.

Now, those in India would be quite familiar with Olive Telecom’s OlivePad – VT100, India’s first 3.5G Pad. It supports 3.5G, Wi-Fi, HSUPA and Bluetooth, and features an inbuilt 3-megapixel camera and a front camera. The Olive Pad can be used as a touch notebook.

Hey, what’s happening? We literally have an ongoing war of the tablets (tablet PCs) on our hands. Not that anyone’s complaining!
The other interesting point is the emergence of Google Android as a leading operating system (OS) in this domain, trying to take on the Apple iOS 3.2!
Maybe, more tablets are on their way.

I’ll compare some specs of the few tablets mentioned here, along with the iPad, a bit later, time permitting.

As of now, it seems the game’s on between the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab! There, I’ve joined this debate!!

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