Roundup of day 2 @ Electronica India 2010

Day 2 at Electronica India 2010 was quite interesting. I first bumped into Ranga Prasad, business development manager of Aqtronics, a demand creation semiconductor distributor.

Aqtronics is targeting nine segments — wireless, automotive, embedded, LED lighting, telecom, industrial, power, identification and IT enterprise. It has signed up Atheros, which has five SBO segments — Wi-Fi, Ethernet, powerline communications, GPS and PON. Aqtronics has used LEDs to light up its entire booth at the show.

Commenting on the industry trend, Ranga Prasad said there were visible signs of good pick up and growth for the last two quarters in India. Concerns remain on the lead times of inventory. Hopefully, this problem should get over by Q4 in India and Q1 2011 in the US.

My next stop was at Khanna Traders & Engineers, which has entered into a tie up with Japan’s Nihon for lead free solder. S.K. Khanna, managing director, said it is a patented product in 23 countries. It has already captured 60 percent market share in Europe and the United States, and has been previously running in over 40 countries across over 4,000 machines. This is said to be the only lead free solder with no silver coating.

Ms Kumud Tyagi, vice president, Bergen Associates.
Ms Kumud Tyagi, vice president, Bergen Associates.

It was a pleasure meeting Ms Kumud Tyagi, vice president, Bergen Associates. Quite rare to see a lady in a leadership position in an electronics outfit in India!

Bergen Associates has entered into a new partnership with Assemblon for pick and place machines. The company now has the complete SMT line of solutions for customers.

Bergen Associates is offering adhesives from Panacol — meant for most industries, such as semiconductors, electronics and automotive. It is also showcasing the laser direct structuring (LDI) technology on special 3D parts from LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, Germany, as well.

TransTechnology Pte Ltd is pretty buoyant on India — quite evident from the line-up of products on display. Christopher J. Fussner, president, said the company is offering the YS-24 from Yamaha. TransTechnology is also displaying the X3 Ekra screen printer — an entry level inline model. Another one is the Asymtek SL-940/941 conformal coating machines. The 940 is an inline machine while the 941 is a batch type machine.

Maxim SMT is showcasing the SPI-350 solder paste inspection system from CyberOptics, USA. This is said to be one of the fastest and most accurate machines around. It is also displaying the QX500 AOI machine, also from CyberOptics.

S.S. Bist, general manager, Maxim SMT, said Indian customers are likely to buy new  machines this year, rather than use refurbished or old ones.

Some other highlights from day 2 at Electronica India 2010 include:

* EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd is offering five-zone reflow machine. It is also showcasing the Autotronik pick and place machine.

* Leaptech is displaying the Omron AOI machine with color highlighting technology as well as an axial component insertion machine from Sciencgo, China. It is also showcasing the M6ex mounting center from i-Pulse of Japan, a Yamaha group company.

* Schott Glass India Pvt Ltd is displaying electronic housings or packages for electronic components. Schott specializes in glass-to-metal seals, and also develops ceramic-to-metal seals. It is offering housings for quartz as well. Schott’s hybrid/microelectronic packages can be used for space, defence and telecom applications.

You can read all of these and more at tomorrow’s Electronica India 2010 and Productronica India 2010 Show Floor Daily, published by Debasish Choudhury for Global SMT & Packaging magazine, and compiled by yours truly.

A nice chat with Ashok Chandak of NXP Semiconductors on the status of electronics manufacturing in India was a great way to round off my day! I shall be writing about this interaction later.

That’s it from me from this year’s show floor. Hope to be back next year, God willing! Cheers!!

P.S.: You can download all the three show dailies from the show here. BTW, my name went missing from the show daily on Day 2. In fact, the lead story of day 2,  featuring Ananth Kumar, has been written by me, as were all of the compiled news. It is an honest error on part of Global SMT & Packaging! 🙂 Enjoy reading!

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