Lattice intros Platform Manager family

October 12, 2010

Lattice's Platform Manager.

Lattice's Platform Manager.

Lattice Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the Platform Manager family — its third-generation mixed-signal devices.

Lattice’s Platform Manager product family consists of two devices — the LPTM10-1247 and the LPTM10-12107, respectively. The LPTM10-1247 device monitors 12 voltage rails and supports 47 digital I/Os. The LPTM10-12107 device monitors up to 12 voltage rails and supports 107 digital I/Os.

The programmable devices will simplify board management design significantly by integrating programmable analog and logic to support many common functions, such as power management, digital housekeeping and glue logic.

By integrating these support functions, Platform Manager devices reduce the cost of these functions compared to traditional approaches, and improves system reliability. It  provides a high degree of design flexibility that minimizes the risk of circuit board re-spins.

More to follow.

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