Round-up 2010: Best of semiconductors

December 31, 2010

Right then, folks! This is my last post for 2010, on my favorite topic – semiconductors. If 2009 was one of the worst, if not, the worst year ever for semiconductors, 2010 seems to be the best year for this industry, what with the analyst community forecasting that the global semicon industry will surpass the $300 billion mark for the first time in its history!

Well, here’s a look at the good, the bad and the ugly, if available for otherwise what has been an excellent year, which is in its last hours, for semiconductors. Presenting a list of posts on semiconductors that mattered in 2010.

Top semiconductor and EDA trends to watch out for in 2010!

Delivering 10X design improvements: Dr. Walden C. Rhines, Mentor Graphics @ VLSID 2010

Future research directions in EDA: Dr. Prith Banerjee @ VLSID 2010 — This was quite an entertaining presentation!

Global semicon industry on rapid recovery curve: Dr. Wally Rhines

Indian semicon industry: Time for paradigm shift! — When will that shift actually happen?

Qualcomm, AMD head top 25 fabless IC suppliers for 2009; Taiwan firms finish strong!

TSMC leads 2009 foundry rankings; GlobalFoundries top challenger!

ISA Vision Summit 2010: Saankhya Labs, Cosmic Circuits are Indian start-ups to watch at Technovation 2010!

ISA Vision Summit 2010: Karnataka Semicon Policy 2010 unveiled; great opportunity for India to show we mean business! — So far, the Karnataka semicon policy has flattered to deceive! I’m not surprised, though!

Dongbu HiTek comes India calling! Raises hopes for foundry services!!

Indian electronics and semiconductor industries: Time to answer tough questions and find solutions — Reminds me of the popular song from U2 titled — “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”!

What should the Indian semicon/electronics industry do now? — Seriously, easy to say, difficult to manage (ESDM)! 😉 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a slideshow that depicts the Indian (and global) semicon industry’s year in pictures! Enjoy!!

Flash will be bigger than you ever imagined in the coming decade: Dr. Eli Harari, SanDisk CEO

Currently profitable global semicon industry needs to remember lessons of downturn!

FPGA and MPU trends: Intelligent mixed-signal FPGA to be part of Xilinx’s TDP strategy

Semicon rankings 2009: Global revenue dips, but did anyone tell that to Apac suppliers?

Did you know that the Indian semicon policy had expired and now requires an extension? — As they say, ‘It happens only in India!’

What’s happening with the global semiconductor industry?

Semiconductor-IP directory for FPGAs indexes over 17,000 IP blocks and FPGA devices!

EDA360 to help integrators close profitability gap!

EDA360 unplugged with Cadence’s Jaswinder Ahuja

Thrive or survive…going for gold in post-recession recovery: Malcolm Penn @ IEF2010, Dresden

GlobalFoundries enabling the next wave of ‘foundry’ innovation

What’s new with Mentor’s PADS 9.2?

TSMC enables business growth through effective and collaborative innovation

Indian Microelectronics Academy (IMA) formed to build, nurture and grow start-ups!

Ten commandments of effective standards!

Indian industry proposes to extend deadline of India’s semicon policy up to March 2015!

What needs to be done to build an Indian electronics ecosystem!

Indian semicon market grows 15.6 percent in 2009, but don’t rejoice yet!

Synopsys’ Dr. Aart de Geus at SNUG 2010 India!

Analog and MCUs stand out: Dr. Bobby Mitra, TI

Compound semiconductors substrates market to reach $1bn by 2010

iSuppli raises 2010 foundry forecast; interesting lessons to learn for India from China’s story!

VDAT 2010: Real, but ‘different’ opportunity in emerging markets — Jaswinder Ahuja, Cadence

VDAT 2010: Encourage Indian students to come up with product ideas and specs

Global semicon market set for slowdown due to deteriorating business climate!

Intel’s McAfee buy: Too few answers to too many questions, for now! — A surprising, but interesting acquisition!

ON Semiconductor aims to lead in energy efficiency solutions

Where are the MEMS markets going?

NXP driving automotive electronics toward energy efficiency

What’s the way forward for Indian semicon/ESDM industry?

Actel’s ‘smart fusion’ with Microsemi a top draw!

Why has the semicon equipment bubble really burst? – I — Insightful, indeed!

Why has the semicon equipment bubble really burst? – II

Is global semicon inventory level headed for oversupply in Q3?

Semicon industry witnessing inventory corrections vs. industry decline!

Intel opens manufacturing doors to Achronix! Becomes mini foundry? — Another very interesting move by Intel!

India’s teaching community contemplates SoC design

15 queries on how semicon/VLSI firms associate with social media!

Is social media really helping semicon/VLSI firms? — Is it, really?

Semicon industry must be prepared to face challenges in new era: Lip-Bu Tan

Design-Lite — new model for semiconductor development: Taher Madraswala

Creating commercial IP in academic community

Is enough being done for Indian industry-academia collaboration in VLSI education? — Is it, really?

Is the Indian semicon industry losing the plot? — Looks like it is, for the moment!

Women power, RVCE rule at first annual Karnataka VLSI and embedded systems awards

EDA and emerging system design challenges: Dr. Wally Rhines

UCLA researchers to develop non-volatile logic technology

Local know-how, innovation (Jugaad) key to realizing semicon/electronics growth in India

Mentor’s Wally Rhines on global EDA industry challenges – I

Mentor’s Wally Rhines on global EDA industry challenges – II

Top 20 global semicon suppliers of 2010

Need to develop robust Indian semicon industry, led by local companies!

More ‘fabless IC billionaires’ in 2010, says IC Insights! Is India listening?

Phew! What a list!! The Indian semiconductor industry definitely needs a better year than this one, along with a clear goal/roadmap ahead.

That’s it from me, for the year, my dear friends! Hope to see you around next year!

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy, joyous and prosperous 2011! 🙂

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    January 6, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Great collection…good job!

  2. Singh
    January 11, 2011 at 5:51 am

    Semiconductor is going to boom soon.

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