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Introducing SemiWiki — knowledge repository for semicon design and manufacturing!

January 21, 2011

Friends, it is my pleasure to introduce SemiWiki, a website connected with the global semiconductor industry, a creation of my good friend, Daniel Nenni, otherwise, a renowned blogger on semiconductors and an industry expert!

SemiWiki is projected as a “knowledge repository for semiconductor design and manufacturing, facilitating peer-to-peer communications using Web 2.0 technologies.”

Indeed, it is a site, who’s time has come! As per the site, the SemiWiki  project is a cloud based social media platform. It enables mass collaboration using Web 2.0 technologies — such as blogs, forums and wikis — to enable new channels of communication within the semiconductor design ecosystem.

Be careful though — there is REAL user based content and REAL TIME feedback! Don’t be lulled into thinking that some of the content and some (if not, more) of those users are fictitious! In other words, the SemiWiki is a great example of REAL social media having finally come to EDA, semiconductor, IP and foundries!!

I just stopped by the SemiWiki. The site really looks cool! There is a definite attempt to bring the industry together!

There seems to be a problem, or is it due to the newness of the site — the vendor map somehow opens on a page that asks you to sign up. Perhaps, Daniel Nenni should look into this at the earliest. The more content is freely available, the more will be its usage. Of course, the companies involved should look at paying some amount, if possible, and help the site and the owner.

It would be better if the SemiWiki is available in some (or several) languages — since English is not the spoken language in the East and Far East region. There seems to be more of American/English slant as of now! Maybe, that too will change, as SemiWiki progresses.

One post immediately caught my eye — ‘SemiWiki top influencers get  Android tablets”! Man, what do I do to get hold of one (is Daniel listening? 😉 )?

  1. Tim Mazumdar
    January 22, 2011 at 11:02 am

    I hope we can get more semicon manufacturing issues to Semi Wiki I will contribute from time to time.

  1. January 21, 2011 at 5:47 pm
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