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Wavion offers gamer changer in Wi-Fi offloading

June 18, 2011

Wavion has introduced the WBSn family — said to be supporting the industry’s first two-way beamforming with 802.11n. A Gigabit outdoor Wi-Fi system, it offers carrier grade end-to-end solution. Other features include leading interference immunity suite and seamless mobile data offload.

Tal Mierzon, Wavion’s CEO, said the company is uniquely positioned as carrier grade Wi-Fi solution, and Wavion’s solution revolutionizes the unlicensed wireless broadband access (WBA) market. The solution features two-way beamforming 802.11n technology. It is said to feature the widest and homogeneous coverage, has highest capacity, and provides leading interference immunity. It also features NLOS performance and indoor penetration.

Wavion promises 50 percent CAPEX and 50 percent OPEX savings. The solution has seen rapid sales growth with numerous large scale deployments in more than 70 countries. It offers end-to-end carrier grade wireless networks for a variety of applications, based on its omni-direction and sector base stations.

An estimate of the global wireless broadband market reveals that smartphones and tablets are driving exploding data and video traffic. There is an increasing operators’ usage of Wi-Fi for data offloading and backhauling, in order to reduce cost, improve QoS, and enable service expansion.

Next, there is a $1 billion and growing total addressable outdoor Wi-Fi equipment market. The technology choice (Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, Femto) driven by capacity, availability and cost. Also, the “White Space” initiative and unlicensed spectrum favors Wi-Fi. Further, Wi-Fi and LTE are turning out to be complementary solutions for carriers.

A new carrier Wi-Fi market is emerging. Developed countries are characterised by 3G data offloading, data loads are increasing exponentially (doubled in 2010), and broadband to rural communities. Developing countries are seeing low cost broadband access for metro and rural areas, while the residential and SME users are also getting smarter. Also, there are synergies with existing cellular infrastructure.

Globally, the first tier carriers will need to use licensed and unlicensed (Wi-Fi) frequencies to meet their capacity and cost goals. Wavion estimates this market to be $500 million in two years. According to Wavion, the WBSn is tailor-made for carrier Wi-Fi.

Wavion’s mission is to provide wider coverage, higher capacity and lower cost outdoor Wi-Fi solutions for carrier-grade broadband applications. Founded in 2000 and privately held, its headquarter is Yokneam, Israel, with global presence in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, India, China, Philippines, Singapore, Africa and Russia.

Wavion’s product line-up includes end-to-end outdoor Wi-Fi solutions leveraging powerful beamforming, 802.11n and interference mitigating technologies, full suite of access, backhaul and CPE solutions spanning 700MHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz interoperable across 802.11a/b/g/n.

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