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Freescale-Bosch launch airbag reference platform

August 24, 2011

Freescale Bosch airbag reference platform.

Freescale Bosch airbag reference platform.

Freescale and Bosch, the two automotive leaders, are jointly enabling emerging markets with reference platforms.

Freescale has a strong presence in automotive, offering MCUs and MPUs, sensors and analog. It also has a comprehensive software enablement. Bosch also has a strong presence in semiconductors and sensors, offering airbag systems, vehicle dynamics systems, engine management systems, transmission control systems, electric power steering, electric drives control, alternator electronics and IP.

The two companies have jointly introduced the airbag reference platform in India, on the sidelines of the Freescale Technology Forum 2011. It is said to be everything that you need to add your crash algorithm and make it your airbag solution.

Both the companies are leveraging their global leadership positions and system expertise to provide customers with automotive reference platforms specifically designed for emerging markets.

Airbags are ranked among the most efficient life saving passive safety applications. There is an increasing demand for mobility in emerging markets. That makes airbags necessary for reducing injuries and fatalities. Freescale and Bosch, the two global automotive leaders, are working in partnership to enable emerging market customers to provide greater occupant safety through these airbag reference platforms.

The proven design helps accelerate time to market, is affordable and scalable, based on the latest generation technology, and meets the latest automotive quality standards. It has the complete bill of materials with jointly developed firmware.

Freescale Qorivva MPC560xP MCU family
* Scalable MCU family for safety applications.
*  e200z0 Power Architecture core @ 64 MHz.
*  Scalable memory, up to 512 KB Flash.
* LQFP package.

Bosch CG1xx Airbag ASSP family
* Scalable airbag ASSP family.
* Power supply for complete ECU.
*  Up to four satellite sensor interfaces (PSI5).
*  Up to 12 firing loops integrated.
*  Up to six analog interfaces.
* Safing block + Watchdog.
• Works with Sensors from Freescale and Bosch.

Customer benefits include Safing concept proven with Freescale and Bosch sensors. There is a faster time to market using airbag system evaluation software. Some other benefits include ECU level debug and test over serial communications interfaces, fully supported application level debug and test using MCU ecosystem, and a friendly GUI.

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