Embedded software: Next revolution in EDA

April 16, 2013

Dr. Wally Rhines.

Dr. Wally Rhines.

There is a key lesson that Mentor Graphics made while trying to deliver solutions that were right for software and hardware developers. The lesson was: tailor the software to the discipline! Make it as similar to their environment as possible!!

Delivering his speech at the ongoing 13th Global Electronics Summit in Santa Cruz, USA, Dr. Wally Rhines, chairman and CEO, Mentor Graphics, said that 15 years of acquisitions taught Mentor how to think and behave as an embedded software company.

Open systems requires active engagement in software committees. Each open source project has some form of governance to manage contributions, release plans, etc. There is a community peer selection process for each open source project. About 50 Mentor Embedded Sourcerers are actively involved in the open source and Android communities.

There is a need to take the advantage of knowing both worlds. Mentor’s Sourcery CodeBench is an embedded C/C++ development tool based on open-source standards. Sourcery CodeBench is a complete development environment for embedded C/C++ development on ARM, Coldfire, MIPS, Power, X86, and other architectures. You can install, flash and debug in minutes!

Sourcery CodeBench
Sourcery CodeBench is now the semiconductor industry’s leading embedded toolchain. There is an integrated development environment. It has the GNU compiler (GCC) and optimization tools. It allows debugging and analysis, libraries and QEMU simulator.

There are about ~15,000 downloads per month. There have been ~150,000 downloads and 300 releases per year.

  1. Gary Dare
    April 17, 2013 at 1:53 am

    “Embedded systems like smartphones, tablets and GPS are complex systems of hardware and software that must work well together. John Blyler was tweeting from this event and paraphrased Wally Rhines as saying, “Most system delays come when HW and SW integrated.” Traditionally hardware and software are developed on separate tracks (and software start is delayed until the hardware design emerges) then after weeks or months, they are integrated … with tweeks to make the software run on the hardware design or worse, the hardware is found to need modifications. At Space Codesign, we offer hardware/software co-design in ESL for rapid system creation at the front end of the design process. :)”

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