Round-up 2013: Best of semiconductors, electronics and solar

December 31, 2013

Virtex UltraScale device.

Virtex UltraScale device.

Friends, here’s a review of 2013! There have been the usual hits and misses, globally, while in India, the electronics and semiconductor industries really need to do a lot more! Enjoy, and here’s wishing everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous 2014! Be safe and stay safe!!

DEC. 2013
What does it take to create Silicon Valley!

How’s global semicon industry performing in sub-20nm era?

Xilinx announces 20nm All Programmable UltraSCALE portfolio

Dr. Wally Rhines: Watch out for 14/16nm technologies in 2014!

Outlook 2014: Xilinx bets big on 28nm

NOV. 2013
Indian electronics scenario still dull: Leaptech

Connecting intelligence today for connected world: ARM

India poses huge opportunity for DLP: TI

SEMICON Europa 2013: Where does Europe stand in 450mm path?

OCT. 2013
Apple’s done it again, wth iPad Air!

IEF 2013: New markets and opportunities in sub-20nm era!

SEPT. 2013
ST intros STM32F4 series high-performance Cortex-M4 MCUs

Great, India’s having fabs! But, is the tech choice right?



Now, India to have two semicon fabs!

Higher levels of abstraction growth area for EDA

AUG. 2013
Moore’s Law could come to an end within next decade: POET

What’s happening with 450mm: G450C update and status

300mm is the new 200mm!

JULY 2013
Xilinx tapes-out first UltraScale ASIC-class programmable architecture

JUNE 2013
EC’s goal: Reach 20 percent share in chip manufacturing by 2020!

MAY 2013
Dr. Wally RhinesMoore’s Law good for 14nm, and probably, 10nm: Dr. Wally Rhines

Global semiconductor companies delivering platforms: Jaswinder Ahuja, Cadence

Cadence Tempus accelerates timing analysis and closure by weeks!

Semicon in sub-20nm era: Business as usual or different?

Agnisys makes design verification process extremely efficient!

Non-mainstream packaging in MEMS, LED and power electronics

On-chip networks: Future of SoC design

Convergence of PV materials, test and reliability: What really matters?

APR. 2013
Why do we need 450mm wafers?

Focusing light on breast cancer diagnostics

Core needle biopsy.

Core needle biopsy.

Dr. Wally Rhines on global semiconductor industry trends for 2013

Optimizing Ethernet networks for mobile access and cloud service delivery

Tensilica to expand Cadence IP footprint in SoCs

Embedded systems trends and developer opportunities

Embedded software: Next revolution in EDA

Skin inspired electronics for mobile health

Nanometer an enabling technology

New set of rules in IGBT market

Five-year outlook for solar PV industry!

Critical success factors for MEMS commercialization

MAR. 2013
E450EDL – European 450mm equipment demo line

Now, I’m on Wikipedia! 😉 Thanks everyone!! 🙂 — some more of my self-promotion! 😉

What technology SoC engineers need for next-gen chips?

Focus on SiC power electronics business 2020

Xilinx targets growing ASIC and ASSP gaps

PMC’s DIGI 120G supports 10G, 40G and 100G speeds for OTN transport

Global semicon sales to grow 6.6 percent in 2013: Cowan LRA model

Components Direct offers guaranteed traceable E&O inventory!

What’s next in complex SoC verification?

Unlocking full potential of soft IP

Flip Chip: An established platform still in mutation!

FEB. 2013
Sensor fusion and converging elements

PC’s Electronic Components Blog named top resource for electrical engineers! 😉 — some self-publicity! 😉

Applications of multilayer chip capacitors

10 key trends for global PV industry

What should India do to boost semiconductors? — seriously, am tired of writing on this subject!

Will global semicon industry see growth in 2013?

JAN. 2013
Global semiconductor industry to grow 7.9 percent in 2013

Outlook for global telecom: 2013 year of LTE?

What’s the impact on CMOS image sensors industry in 2013?

Rolith’s rolling mask lithography cheaper, more scalable and flexible!

Synopsys on outlook for global semicon 2013!

Focus on good power-aware verification strategy for SoCs: Dr. Wally Rhines

Ph.D candidates in VLSI industry! Is enough being done?

Outlook for electronics and semiconductors in 2013

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