Plunify’s InTime helps FPGA design engineers meet timing and area goals!

Engineers designing FPGA applications face many challenges. Using Plunify’s automation and analysis platform, engineers can run 100 times more builds, analyze a larger set of builds and quickly zoom in on better quality results. Using data analytics and the cloud, Plunify created new capabilities for FPGA design, with InTime being an example. Kirvy Teo said:Continue reading “Plunify’s InTime helps FPGA design engineers meet timing and area goals!”

FPGA design heads to the cloud!

Singapore based Plunify claims that chip design companies can design faster and better using cloud computing. Stressing on the company’s go-to-market strategy, Plunify’s founder, Harn Hua Ng, said the Plunify partners with tool vendors, their distributors and complementary sales representatives. Since pay-as-you-go business models are rare in the semiconductor industry, we went through several steps, ofContinue reading “FPGA design heads to the cloud!”