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Aquilonis helps you sync critical data on real time basis
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Top 10 telecom trends for 2009 — more of the same!
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Telecom enhances globalization in every possible way!
APR. 2009
Welcome to PC’s Telecom Blog!

I entered the telecom industry quite early in my career and it has since literally taken me places! Telecom is also instrumental in helping me win my first ever international awards in journalism, while I was editor, Telecom Products, at Asian Sources Media (now Global Sources), Hong Kong. I have had the pleasure of developing online specifications tables — the first ever in the world, I would guess, in the telecom space in late 1999 to early 2000. Naturally, my love and affection for telecom is very significant!

I have set up this blog that carries press releases and other stories from the global telecommunications industry. Click on the blog link below:

Pradeep Chakraborty’s Telecom Blog —

You can visit this blog to read more news on the global telecommunications industry. There are releases, articles and industry updates, from leading research and consulting houses, such as Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), CDMA Development Group (CDG),  iSuppli, Ovum, Gartner, IDC, ABI Research, Frost & Sullivan, TD-SCDMA Forum, In-Stat, IMS Research, Strategy Analytics, Femto Forum,, Maravedis, etc.

* PC’s Telecom Blog listed among Best VoIP blogs by HostedSwitch!:)

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