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Symantec announces Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus 2012

September 8, 2011

It’s no longer a PC-centric world. It’s a world centered on people and information. There is cloud apps explosion, device explosion and information explosion. However, this world is also infested with threats.

Last year, information grew by 62 percent to nearly 800,000 petabytes. Symantec identified more than 286 million new threats last year. Eighty (80) percent of online adults have been a victim of cybercrime in their lifetime. Seventeen (17) percent of adults online have experienced cybercrime on their mobile phone.

Source: Norton from Symantec.

Source: Norton from Symantec.

Norton has now expanded beyond the PC. Norton Everywhere protects people across locations, devices and digital experiences. Symantec announced Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus 2012 products. A new feature is Norton Management, that brings the power of the cloud to you. Yet another feature is Identity Safe, which has improved login and form fill, major usability enhancements, and the vault can be synced to the cloud for anywhere access.

Some other features include Download Insight, Bandwidth Awareness. It also has an improved Simplified User Interface, as well as a Settings Interface Makeover. “Norton Secured” security badge is a new feature. The badge appears right in search results, indicating when a website owner’s identity has been verified and the site is malware free.

Powered by the largest community of users, 210 million users have contributed to Insight. Symantec is tracking over 3.1 billion executable files. Users perform 2 billion file lookups a day. Symantec also blocks 6.3 million malicious files each month. In fact, 3.1 billion attack attempts were blocked in 2010.

Norton’s Exclusive four layer protection stops threats while people are browsing and before it can write to your computer. It even scans links in Facebook feeds and search results. Norton 2012 Protection highlights include network intrusion prevention, SONAR behavioral protection (4th generation), Insight reputation and anti-virus engine.

Norton from Symantec has listed the following reasons:
* The cloud expands beyond protection to enable the richest Norton user experience to date.
* Performance exceeds 2011’s all time highs.
* Norton has added significant new protection capabilities.
*  It has also improved usability by addressing the issues that are important to customers.

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